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Personal Training & Group Fitness in Downtown Toronto



Our personal training is a little unique. We’re not drill sergeants or fitness fanatics, but goal-oriented people people. Sure, you’ll sweat your ass off for an hour, but it could be followed by post-workout smoothies. We work with you to achieve your goals and make you feel good in the process. If you’re ready for a lifestyle change, then Xuan Fitness is the way to go.

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Grab a few friends and hit some goals together. We offer a variety of classes, ranging from intense Boot Camps to relaxing Yoga sessions. Whether you’re a gym veteran or a workout newbie, there is something for everyone. You can even arrange your own group class. Perfect for reducing price and maintaining individualized attention.

Scheduled group classes have closed for winter.
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“I never enjoyed working out. It was always such a chore. But with Xuan I’m excited to sweat! I’ve learned a lot about my body, I’ve pushed harder than ever before, yet feel safe as Xuan is always watching to make sure I don’t get injured. I feel more energetic, stronger, and unstoppable.”

“Whether you’re working out in a gym or in the comfort of your own home, Xuan will make you FEEL at home! And then subsequently destroy that comfortability with the most punishing and effective sessions you’ll ever have.”